Men's Aluminium Alloy Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Safety Work Shoes
Men's Aluminium Alloy Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Safety Work Shoes
Men's Aluminium Alloy Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Safety Work Shoes

Men's Aluminium Alloy Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Safety Work Shoes

Wear-resistant, Cold-Resistant TPU Toe Protection, Swivel Buckle lacing system, Safety Shoes
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In the ever-evolving landscape of occupational safety, innovation continues to redefine the standards of protection and comfort. Enter OX5301, the latest offering from OUXX in the realm of safety work shoes. Packed with a myriad of distinctive features, it is designed to elevate the work experience for professionals. This design, unlike the other products, combines cutting-edge features to provide unparalleled comfort, protection, and functionality.


  1. Aluminium Toe Cap: Prioritizing safety, the OX5301 incorporates an aluminium toe cap that meets industry standards for impact resistance. This feature provides crucial protection against potential impacts or crushing hazards, keeping your toes safe and secure. Aluminum toes are significantly lighter compared to steel toes, providing enhanced comfort during extended wear.
  2. Breathable Mesh Upper: Comfort and breathability are crucial for all-day wear, which is why OX5301 incorporates a breathable mesh material in its design for the upper. This thoughtful design not only provides excellent ventilation but also ensures that your feet stay cool and dry throughout extended periods of wear. The breathable properties facilitate effective air circulation, promoting sweat evaporation and preventing moisture buildup, delivering a lasting sense of freshness throughout the day.
  3. Exclusive OUXX Logo Swivel Buckle lacing system: We pride ourselves on attention to detail, which is evident in the custom-designed rotational buckle of the OX5301. Featuring the exclusive OUXX logo, this buckle is connected with steel wire laces. This effectively addresses the common issue of shoelaces breaking at the connection points. Workers can effortlessly remove or put on the shoelaces by rotating the buckles, eliminating the need for strenuous pulling or intricate knot untying.
  4. Cold-Resistant TPU Toe Protection: To combat cold conditions, the OX5301 incorporates a cold-resistant TPU toe protection film. This feature provides additional durability and protection against low temperatures, ensuring your feet stay warm and safe in challenging environments.
  5. ETPU Outsole – Lightweight and High Elasticity: The ETPU outsole is a marvel of engineering, drawing inspiration from running shoe technology and paired with a rubber outsole to provide optimal slip resistance in industrial settings.
  6. Wear-resistant Suede Microfiber and High-density Foam Heel Lining: To provide additional comfort and protection, OX5301 features wear-resistant suede microfiber and high-density foam. This design not only enhances the shoe’s resilience against wear and tear but also adds a touch of refinement to your professional look.
  7. Thickened Insole with Odor and Bacteria Control: OX5301 features a 14mm thick insole, providing outstanding cushioning and shock absorption for the wearer. Additionally, it integrates advanced odor and bacteria control technology, providing a clean and comfortable environment for your feet throughout the day.


  • Waterproofing: Yes
  • Toe Protection: Aluminum Toe Cap
  • Lacing System: OUXX Logo Swivel Buckle
  • Outsole: ETPU with Rubber
  • Insole Thickness: 14mm
  • Odor Control: Yes, Advanced Technology
  • Certification: Meets Industry Standards for Impact Resistance
  • Material: Mesh Upper, Suede Microfiber, High-density Foam
  • Color: Yellow
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