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Best ASTM F2413-18 ESD Boots & Shoes

ASTM F2413-18 is a standard specification for the performance requirements of protective footwear. Electrostatic discharge boots & shoes are a specific type of protective footwear that are designed to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge in static-sensitive environments.

ESD boots and shoes are commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, and computer assembly, where static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components or ignite flammable substances. They are designed to dissipate static charges and prevent the buildup of electrostatic potential on the wearer.

To meet ASTM F2413-18 standards for ESD boots and shoes, the footwear must meet certain requirements, including:

Conductive or static-dissipative properties: The footwear should have a resistance range within a specified limit to allow the dissipation of static charges.

Impact and compression resistance: The boots and shoes should provide protection against falling or rolling objects, as specified by the standard.

Footwear construction: The footwear should be designed to provide comfort, durability, and protection to the wearer.

Slip resistance: The boots and shoes should have adequate slip resistance to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Electric hazard resistance: The footwear should provide protection against accidental contact with live electrical circuits.

By meeting these standards, ESD boots and shoes help minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge and protect both the wearer and sensitive equipment in static-sensitive environments.

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