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Welcome to OUXX rewards programs!

When your points reach 1,000 points, you can go to our website to redeem any pair of safety shoes you like for free.
我们很高兴推出新的忠诚度计划OUXX Rewards!这是我们奖励您成为OUXX团队一员的方式。最精彩的部分是什么?它是免费和容易加入。只需点击我们网站左侧的"奖励计划"按钮即可开始。一旦您拥有了OUXX Rewards账户,您就可以开始赚取奖励积分。当您的积分达到1000分时,您可以到我们的网站免费兑换任何一双您喜欢的安全鞋。

How to Earn Loxley Reward Points?

1. Every time you refer a friend to our rewards program using your unique referral link.

You will earn 300 points. Your friend will also get a one-time 15% discount coupon for their first purchase with us when they register using your link.

2. Sign Up: The first step to earning points is to register. When you join our Rewards Program, we'll warmly welcome you with a bonus of 50 points as a sign-up reward.

3. Shop on Our Website: Every dollar spent on ouxxfootwear.com earns you 2 points. So, the more you shop, the more points you'll accumulate!

4. OUXX Rewards Birthday Privilege: Celebrate your birthday with OUXX Rewards! When you share your birthday with us, we'll send you a birthday bonus of an additional 200 points! Make your birthday even more special!
4. OUXX奖励生日祝福:用OUXX奖励庆祝您的生日!当您与我们分享您的生日时,我们将向您发送额外200点的生日奖励!让你的生日更特别!

5. Follow our Facebook Page: Stay connected with us by following our public Facebook page, and you'll earn 10 points. Be the first to know about our latest updates and special offers!

6. Share ouxxfootwear's Page Link on Facebook: Share a link to our page on Facebook and earn 20 points! It's a simple and quick way to earn more reward points.

7. Follow us on Instagram: Follow our Instagram account @ouxx_footwear, and you'll receive an extra 20 points. We share exciting content on Instagram, so not only will you stay updated, but you'll also earn reward points. It's a win-win!

Thank you for being a part of the OUXX team!

Our new Rewards Program is our way of expressing gratitude for your support and loyalty as a member of the OUXX community. 

Now, through participating in the OUXX Rewards Program, you'll enjoy even more rewards and join us in shaping the future!

Sign up for OUXX Rewards now and turn your love into tangible rewards!